Impact of OC Show on Society

The OC show is a TV series that received widespread reception in the US. Many people loved it quite a lot, and this gave it a large audience more than many other shows had received. According to some of the findings done by some of the analysis firms, this show was able to attract an average of 8.43 million viewers. The amazing thing is that the audience increased more with time. This show had increased its viewers from its premiere to up to 17 percent. The impact of the OC show on the society was increasing considering that many viewers increased with time.

What was the targeted audience for the show?

This is a show that mostly targeted the female teens mostly. This audience remained somewhat significant considering that the show had somehow declined it its audience. This decrease was showed by the reduced viewers that the show received when it aired its third season. However, this decline was attributed to the airing of the American Idol show. In many instances, a TV series that is released after a major show has usually been aired receives a lesser audience than before. However, for the OC show, the results were somehow exceptional. This is because, despite the fact that viewers declined, the audience was far much larger than those other shows with a similar occurrence ever had.

In the orange country

Before the show was aired, many of the residents of the Orange County residents referred to it as the O.C. This abbreviation was used by many of the local radio shows and also some television stations. Although at first it did not get the attention of these people, later on they embraced it and started using it quite often in various settings. Even the county supervisor by the name Chris Nor by wanted to change the name of a local airport and start calling it the OC Airport. All of this showed the great reception that the show had received and the many supporters that the show had attracted.

In the popular culture

The mentioning of the OC show had been seen even in other TV shows that were airing during those periods. This showed that many of the people had appreciated the show. Many of other characters such as The War at Home and many others had characters that were great fans of the show. There are those shows where even some of the airing TV series had characters referring to their home country as The OC. This was a proof just how much the people had embraced the show and even the characters in it.


This is a show called the OC. When the show was being planned before its release, it was to be named Juiced County. This was because there was a show that was released and it bore the name before the airing of the show.

Cast and Characters Of The Show

There were quite a good number of characters that played in various roles in the OC show. The cast and characters of the on show were quite fascinating and thus made the show lovely to those who watched. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the show had a great audience on its side. Some of these people include:

•Peter Gallagher

This is a character that was portrayed as Sandy Cohen. He was an idealistic defender, and this character is the one who takes in Ryan Atwood into the pilot episodes of the show. He does this to the dismay of the wife, Kirsten. He is the father to Seth Cohen and now the guardian of Atwood. This is something that his wife didn’t expect, and thus she is surprised that things had turned out this way. He is quite a wealthy person but despite this, he practices bad politics. This is because his politics is left open, and he seems not very careful about it. This is one of the things that causes the friction between him and the large community that he serves. He is seemed to fight through different types of conflicts all through the series starting with his attempt to gain acceptance from his father in law.

•Kelly Rowan

This is a character that is portrayed as Kirsten Cohen and the wife of Sandy Cohen. Mother to Seth Cohen and she was also the CFO of the real estate company that her father started. Before she met her current husband, she had been friends with Jimmy Cooper, who also happen to be the father of Marissa Cooper. However, she continues to remain friends with him despite their previous affairs. She also had struggles with alcohol problems that had been motivated by the strained relationship between her and her father. This is also what led to her abandoning her earlier life that belonged to Jimmy who was playing the part a Toronto SEO expert in the episode.

•Benjamin McKenzie

This is the person who acts as Ryan Atwood. He is quite a troubled teenager who is from Chino. He happens to be brought into the life of a privileged community. This happens after he faces rejection from his family where his mother throws him out of the family. He is happy that Sandy Cohen comes into publicly defend him and thus he is a lucky person. With time, he can find his way in the society through his education.

•Mischa Barton

This one plays like Marissa Cooper. All through the series, she battles with drugs and alcohol and she even makes an attempt to kill herself which she is on a trip to Mexico with her fellow friends. She has strained the relationship with everyone considering her habits that often result in her in conflicts.