Favorite Moments Of Season Three Reviewed

In the third season of the OC show, the creator Josh Schwartz creates a lot of dynamic changes to the entire season. This changes mostly focus on the character of the society as well as the relationship between the characters. In this season, Marissa is expelled from the Harbor school which is a big blow. Another blow comes to the Copper family who is left with very little money that forces them to go and live in a trailer park. This is a huge and stressful change for the Copper family. Their mother Cooper-Nichol has a very hard time trying to put food on the table for her daughters considering that she was one of the richest women in the whole of Newport.

In the season, we see how the life of Marissa starts to spin out of control. She begins to struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. She also finds it very difficult to deal with the loss of Johnny, a very close friend of hers. In another story, we see that Kirsten can confront and deal with her addiction to alcohol and we see her leave the rehabilitation center. After leaving the rehabilitation center, she starts having other problems when she gets into business with a con artist and things do not go as she thought they would.

The other charters in the series start looking into college and Summer, and Seth starts competing to have a spot at the famous Brown University. The moral compass of Sandy starts to change when a love interest from her past comes back into his life. Sandy also moves a step forward by taking the position of Caleb as the head of the Newport group. He then starts to pursue a project whose main aim is to establish a kind of discount tiles in Vancouver housing in the city of Newport which is a big step for him.

On the other side, Ryan tries to resolve his personal relationship with his mother and Theresa Diaz, a childhood friend of his. He also starts thinking of doing a post-secondary education so that he can brighten sell Tile Mart hardwood flooring This decision of his is supported well by Kristen and Sandy who encourage him to go and visit Berkeley. As season 3 comes to an end, we see that the life of Ryan is put into a stand still as something unfortunate happens. As he drives Marissa to the airport, Kevin Volchok runs them off the road, and they are involved in a terrible accident. Kevin Volchok is a past affair in the life of Merissa that did not go so well. In the last ending of the season, we see how Ryan struggles to pull Merissa out of the burning vehicle only for her to die in his arms.

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