Five Reasons Whey The OC Show Was One of The Best Ever

There are many things that combine to make up a TV show that will be captivating and amazing to watch. To come up with a show that commands a greater audience, one will need to bring a lot of creativity and deep thought on whatever they come up with. This is the reason the creators of the OC show had to search for all the creative minds to come up with a series that would draw the attention of many audiences. This series ran for four seasons and ended back in the year 2007. There is what makes a show a huge success and the creators of this amazing shows knew what it takes to do so. From when they aired the last episodes, the series has stood the test of time and below are some of the reasons it was an enormous success:

  • Pop culture reference

This show had a continuous pop culture reference that people loved about. Culture is among the things that people hold dear. When they find something that relates to that culture, then definitely they like it. This is among the reasons why the show was such a success and commanded a vast audience than many other shows of its time. Some of the characters like Seth would occasionally joke about some of the famous celebrities as well as games.

  • Lots of drama

Drama is among the things that make a series be captivating. People love to see mysteries unfold as well as conflicts in a series. They love to watch how such things will result in the end, and this means that they will follow the series till it comes to a close. This show had lots of issues that surrounded everyone. These include teenage pregnancies, alcoholism, sexuality, mental and health problems and Eve domestic abuses as for the case of Ryan. These are some of the things that even happen in real life. When one problem seems like it is disappearing, another one which is more complicated surfaces and everyone will now shift their attention to the emerging issue and solve it.

  • Comedy

There is nothing that people love like the sense of humor, especially the scene with the driver. Despite the fact that the show was full of serious events, it never failed to evoke a sense of humor. Humor is something that people love, and when it is rightful includes in a series, then there will be no reason not to love it. Despite the dramatic moments that are witnesses in the episodes, there is still more to laugh throughout the seasons.

  • Fantastic villain

Despite being the wrong people in a series, these people usually make a series be fascinating. They keep the set active and sometimes they even make people feel for them when they expose their weaker sides.

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