How The OC Show Ruled The Airwaves

For a glorious time, the O.C was a television series that ruled the airwaves of FOX network. It aired in such a time when the audience was becoming fragmented each day. It was increasingly becoming harder to get young people in front of the television program. This is something that FOX network was becoming aware of and wanted to change it. Then in the midst of the confusion, the O.C tv show came, and it managed to capture a significant number of the youthful audience in the first two seasons. The third and fourth were not able to capture as much as the first and second did.

The story talks of a boy Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie) who was adopted by a family living in Newport, California. This was the Cohens family and follows a captivating story that left everyone yearning for more.

Unlike their British counterparts, most of the American TV tend to skate around issues in tax class. However, this was something that the O.C show was able to avoid. It had Ryan get an instant transition from a very low income and poor area with very limited opportunities to moving to a lifestyle of the rich. This is a story that they were able to integrate into the whole narrative fabric making the series more captivating. As the story develops, you find that Ryan is technically the outside in that area, but it soon becomes clear that he isn’t the only one who feels like they don’t fit in that area.

Speaking of Ryan, he is a character who helps the story to bring out just how the International Tax Counselors have been untapped with great potentials left to fade away. Once he is presented with a good home and good education, it doesn’t take him long to prove how he’s smart, principled and ambitious too. With ease, he can skate around the intersectional issues of class and race. On the other hand, the O.C wasn’t able to show just how the income inequality faces many people since most people in the cast live in well to do families. Even if this is some low bar to jump, the story did manage to capture the attention of many audiences.

The O.C also managed to come up with a strong theme song. It was a cover song by Phantom Planet was also a catch for the TV series. It has become impossible to mention the legacy left behind by this series without mentioning the soundtrack. Within its four seasons, the series released six-track albums. The music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas was able to introduce many American teens to bands such as Rooney, The Killers, Alexi Murdoch and Death Cab For Cutie.

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