OC Actors Recount Summer Camp Scene and What Went Wrong

Standing the test of time for a series is a difficult challenge with the new releases coming in the market every fortnight. A wonderful TV show has to be able to truly capture the culture of the moment. This has to be balanced with being timeless in such a way that viewers can discover the show many years afterward and still feel like it is still their lives. Even if the hairstyle and costume on a show ultimately become outdated, its theme and characters in the whole story have to remain universal. It has to be something that people can enjoy watching and investing in later in the days.

All of this is what describes the first season of the camp OC after it aired in the summer August of 2003. While watching even the consecutive season of second, third and fourth, you can help but realize that the first season will become the best TV season of all time. Below is the reason why;

It’s all about family

The first thing to discuss when it comes to family is the affair between Luke and Julie. The first season majored mostly about family. It was centered on Ryan who was a very good kid in a bad situation at a Vancouver summer camp schedule He ended up being adopted by the best parents the world can offer: Kirsten and Sandy Cohen. Just like Ryan, the audience is brought in as members of the Cohen family in each of the episodes, and they fall in love with the characters with the way they also loved each other.

The story can show that family is more than just blood. It’s about how people can recognize the goodness in others and then care and nurture it as Sandy did with Ryan.

Characters felt like real people

It is amazing how the characters in the first season did feel like real people. All the characters, Seth, Ryan, Marissa, Sandy, Kirsten and Summer among many others were all based on reality. When you view this first season, you feel like the characters were taken from real life and thrown into the fictional world of the O.C series. This lovely character of the team in the O.C has made people fall in love with it.

Seth Cohen

This is one of the characters whom many people came to like as their favorite even if they loved the other characters too. In a way, one can even see to a significant part that Seth Cohen is one of the major reasons why the first season was a total success. He has taste in music, self-aware sense of humor, sarcastic and pop culture preferences which are essential to the success of the show. The way the character is played made the series more enjoyable and memorable to everyone who laid their eyes on it.


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