Plot Of The Show Broken Down By Seasons

The OC show is a television series show that can be considered as a teen drama. The show was originally aired on the Fox network in the United States from 5th of August 2003. The show first runs total of 4 seasons. It creates some fictional lives of a group of some teens who live with their families in an affluent side of the country, the Newport Beach, in Orange County. This series is mostly centered on a teen by the name Ryan Atwood, who seems to be troubled by most of the events that occur in his life. He is lucky to be adopted by a wealthy family and thus lives with them. Below is the plot of the OC show from season one to four.

  • Season one

This is a season that mostly concentrates on the life of Ryan Atwood, who just received his individual forklift training in Newport Beach. This follows after he is taken in by Sandy and his wife but Kirsten is surprised at first. Earlier on, he had been kicked away from his home by his very own mother which forces him to call Sandy since he runs out of options. One of the major themes of the first season is the life of Ryan due to culture rock that he feels. This is considering the kind of adjustments that he has to make. His previous life was full of poverty and there was also the abuse that he faces from his mother. He then leaves this and joins a superficial high class living society which to him is a little bit a lot to take in.

  • Season two

This is a season that continues to explore the troubles romantic relationship that exist between Ryan and Melissa, Summer and Seth and also the older ones like Sandy and Kirsten. This season tries to move away from the past of Ryan as we see in the first season. It thus focuses on the future that is ahead of him considering that he has already started adapting to the new setting that he finds himself in.

  • Season three

This is an interesting season that brings in some changes. This is including those that concern relationships and power within the society at large. In the beginning, we find Melissa being expelled from school which will bring some complications. The cooper family again is forced to move from their high class living into a trailer park. This is after they find themselves in a financial crisis as they are left with little money.

  • The fourth season

This is a season which starts about 5 months after Melissa’s death during an OSHA fork truck accident. Ryan is the one that comes in with lots of grief and loneliness. He even contemplates revenge on Volchok. Considering this is the final season, it is no surprise that many characters are in an identity crisis as they try to compose themselves.

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