Plot Recap Of Season One

The OC show is an all American drama TV series for teens that was initially created by Josh Schwartz. The main plot of season one tends to focus on Ryan Atwood’s arriving in the Newport Beach so that he could live with Kirsten Cohen and Sandy Cohen who decide to take him in after he was kicked out by his mother. The entire theme of the first season is all about Ryan Atwood’s suffering from a kind of culture shock. This culture shock as brought about by the fact he was brought up in a poor and domestic violent home. He has this feeling as he tries to adjust to his new life in the high-class society that he is forced to live in.

Once he moves to his superficial society, he instantly starts becoming friends and gets close to Seth Cohen and then begins to date, Marissa Copper. Even though the two are in a romantic relationship, it is still very clear that the both of them are from two entirely different backgrounds. As he mingles, Ryan starts to see that he suffers and deals with the same problems as he’s peers like familial alienation and a kind of self-identity conflict. The relationship he has with Marissa grows stronger especially when he supports her during the divorce of her parents. In the season, it shows that he is there for her no matter what.

As the series keeps on going on, we see that Ryan starts to be more protective of Merissa. He is also shown to be a much more controlled and stable person as compared to the way we first saw when the season was begun. Another story in the series begins with Seth who moves from been a loner to having two romantic interests. He has to choose between Anna and Summer and the arrival of Oliver Trask who is a very troubled teen that starts befriending Marissa. The helping takes place during their therapy sessions that tend to coincide with the series.  Seth also has to deal with Theresa Diaz who is known to be a very close friend to Ryan. The twist here is that Theresa is a former love interest of Seth from his former hometown Chino

As the episode progresses on, we see that Sandy Cohen tends to come into frequent conflicts with Caleb Nichol. Caleb is known to be the father of Kristen, and he is also a Crystal business mandarin  teacher who is very wealthy. He is so rich that he is said to be the owner of Newport. A lot goes on in the season and you have to watch it through to get all the storylines together so looking out for season 2 would be a good idea.


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