The Plot So Far To Season Four

Beeing the final season of the OC show, we see the series beginning five months later after the death of Merissa who died in a car accident in season 3. All this takes a toll on Ryan, and we see how the death of Merissa affected him and changed his character.

When the season starts, we see how broken and tormented Ryan is. He is a broken man who is grieving deeply. He also decides to see revenge on Kevin Volchok who was the main reason as to why Ryan and Merissa got into an accident in the first place. Ryan seeks the help of Julie, and together they start tracing Kevin. They trace him in the city of Mexico and quickly turn him over to the federal police so that they could get justice for the death of Merissa. The continued love and support of the Cohen family towards Ryan guide him back on the truck. As the season goes on, at some point we are also going to see the return of Frank Atwood who is Ryan’s father. We are also going to see how this is also going to take a tool on Ryan. We are also going to see how Julie and Summer are going to have a hard time in accepting the death of Merissa.

In another story, we see how a long distance relationship is taking a toll on the relationship between Summer and Seth. The distance is brought about when Summer leaves to go to college. The first half of the whole season focuses on all the characters in the series trying to cope with the death of Merissa. We are also able to see how deeply her death affected her close friends and family especially Ryan.

We also see how the characters in the series try to find themselves as they seem to be in a kind of identity crisis. Each of the characters in the series wants to know and figure out who they are and what it is that they want with their life. This final episode contains a lot of surprises, and as the season goes on, we are going to see new things happening as well as a lot of changes.

This season is going also to show us the new additions to the Cohen family and a whole lot of other things that tend to take place as the season goes on. In another light, we are also able to see how Sandy ends up becoming a very successful LA SEO There is also going to be a natural disaster that is going to take place that is going to leave the whole of Los Angeles in devastation.

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