What The Public Does Not Know About The OC

For quite some time now, FOX has been known to deliver some of the most tantalizing and stunning storylines on television. They have aired some breathtaking nighttime soap operas such as the Melrose Place and Beverly Hills among many others. 

However, when both of these soap operas came to an end, the network found itself on a rough edge with lacking in this genre their primary concern. Then, in the summer of 2003, everything changed when a soap opera set in the Orange County California was debuted in August of that year. Gradually, it rose to become one of the hottest new series to air in the 2003/4 television season, and it captured many people’s attention.

This show was the O.C show, and it was a series which kick-started careers for Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody, and Benjamin McKenzie. This set did last for four glorious seasons until it finally came to an end in February 2007. Below is a list of some of the things that you didn’t know about this series;

When this show came on air in the early development phase, the characters Summer Roberts or Julie Cooper were only meant to play BCD roofing prices in the story. This is the reason why if you watch the first episodes of the series, both Rachel Bilson and Malinda Clarke have been brought out as guest stars. As the story developed, these characters became a more integral part of it and ended up being added to the main cast. Halfway through the first season, they began appearing in the credits.

Unlike some of this counterpart such as Seth Cohen, Brody is one person who hates boats. As the first season comes to an end, you will see Seth leaving all his energy problems behind and then sail away but ends up living with his father in Portland, Oregon. This is revealed at the beginning of season two. Due to the fear that Brody had for boats, there was an older stunt double that was shown on the ship. It had a wig on it which made it appear like Brody, but it wasn’t him.

Even though the setting of this series shows it is in Newport Beach, the O.C wasn’t filmed in this particular location as it would have proved to be too costly for them. Instead, the shooting was in Manhattan Beach, in California. Most of the scenes involving the beach were filmed in Redondo and Torrance Beach.

The first season of the series the O.C won high ratings for the FOX upon being aired. The pilot episode recorded a stunning 7.46 million viewers which were considered to be great for a summer show like the O.C. On average, the first season had 9.7 million viewers.


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