What You May Have Missed About Season Two

The OC show continues with season two and the romantic drama continues. The romantic relationship between Ryan and Merissa is still there as well as one between Kristen and Sandy and Summer and Seth. The creator of the OC Show Josh Schwartz indicated that in season two of the show, the story would no longer be based on the life of Ryan and his past. What he decided to do was to focus on the future of Ryan, and the audience will get to see all the things that are going to happen next in his life.

Also, the second season was created to slow down the entire story telling part a little bit and play with the characters. What this means is that the characters were going to evolve in a way. For example, we are going to see that the story is going to follow Ryan in the context of he’s now advanced physics class. In this class, the story s going to focus on the tension that seems to take place between Ryan and another student who is known as Lindsay.

The tension is brought about by Lindsay assuming that Ryan will be a very useless so does everything possible to make sure that things do not work out properly for Ryan. Lindsay does this by preventing Ryan from contributing to any of the work that they are supposed to be submitting. Due to this, the character of Ryan begins to grow when he decides to stand up to her and convinces her in a very assuring way to let him contribute to the class work. By standing up for himself, this forces them to work together as a team so that they can complete the assignment in the stipulated time.

As this goes on, they start getting involved in a romantic manner which tends to bring about a lot of complications keeping in mind that Ryan is still in a relationship with Merissa from The romantic relationship also brings complications to the family of cooper-Nichol.

We are also going to see that the Bait shop is going to be a popular social joint for the characters in the show. In this season, there are some new characters who are introduced into the show like Lindsay Gardner, Alex Kelly, D.J, and Zach Stevens. The new characters tend to start forming different relationships with the main characters of the show. Another twist is when we see Trey Atwood who is Ryan’s brother coming out of a  and starts threatening him that he is going to start bringing the things from his past into his new life. We are also going to see a bit of conflict between Kristen and Summer as they drift apart during the summer holiday.


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