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China is the world’s second-largest economy hence learning its language is of great importance. Its language is very influential in various countries e.g., Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Mongolia, Thailand, etc. A lot of benefits are brought about by learning the language e.g., exposes you to the Chinese culture which is very attractive, the ability to do business with the Chinese who are great entrepreneurs, business chinese course .  

The economic and cultural ties between Kenya and the Chinese are strengthening. This has brought about more youths and entrepreneurs to join local-based Chinese language schools. There’s an increase in Chinese investments in Kenya, hence those who understand and speak the language will be employed. It has been noted that Kenya and Africa as a whole, are keen on introducing the Chinese language in their curriculum in their learning institutions. China is positively impacting Kenya’s economy e.g., the development of infrastructure and buildings, hence increasing the locals’ interest in the language. Kenyans especially the youth have developed a passion for the Chinese language, culture, and arts.  

Various Kenyan colleges and universities are teaching the Chinese language and it’s being accepted widely. The institutions offering the Chinese language are Nairobi University, Kenyatta University, Egerton University, Moi University, and Confucius Institutes of Kenya. The Confucius Institutes have been providing room for the study of the Chinese language for quite some time. Discovery Chinese cultural center located in Nairobi also offers a platform for learning both the Chinese language and its culture. The center allows you to study Chinese at affordable prices and the knowledge to tackle HSK exams. Learning the language helps one understand the culture and heritage of the Chinese. China has recorded excellent development and economic growth worldwide, hence learning its culture and heritage is quite a privilege. Studying a foreign language comes with several advantages eg boost one’s brainpower, boosts one’s confidence, ability to multitask, ability to conduct business, etc. Learning the Chinese language ensures one’s growth, hence becoming a better artist who can communicate great messages using the art of calligraphy while making use of Chinese characters.  

Plenty of Africans including Kenyans love the Chinese language hence want to learn more about the language. Here are a few examples of Kenyans who have benefited from the study of the Chinese language: Leah Adhiambo, who’s a student at the Nairobi University said enrolling for a mandarin certificate course made her fall in love with China’s rich culture. Adhiambo said she felt motivated to study both the Chinese language and dance. She added that she sees herself becoming a translator or a Chinese language teacher in the future. Another example is that of Mwika Kiarie, a student of the language, who also looks forward to becoming the mediator between Chinese and Kenyan businessmen. He hopes to do this by performing tasks like logistics, translation, and humanitarian affairs.