Dangers Resulting from Consuming THC Edibles

THC edibles are cannabis-based food products that come in different form for example brownies, gummies. They are made at home or prepared commercially for distribution. They are mostly consumed for recreation and medicinal purposes. Hence, legalization of edibles has increased in popularity. Unfortunately, many users are not aware of the significant dangers that are present in edibles. 

Edibles are classified into; those that are digested in the stomach, those that are taken orally through saliva. These edibles activate within a person’s body while producing a long-lasting effect. 

They create an ideal treatment for disorders including chronic pain, nervous system disorders, nausea and insomnia. However, THC, which is an inactive cannabinoid has its dangers and the following are some of them. 

·         Difficulty in determining the appropriate dosage – Concentration levels of THC vary depending on where the product was made and the quality of cannabis used. Hence, potency becomes difficult to measure. You may not know the amount of THC you have consumed. 

·         Latency period – Edibles have a long latency period. It takes a while for them to take effect. When consumed, THC reaches the brain and takes effect. The effect peak after 30 minutes and begin to wear off within 2-3 hours. 

The combination of THC concentrations and latency period makes them easier to overconsume. This in turn leads to symptoms such as paranoia, and impaired motor ability. 

·         Increased likelihood to cause harm – Overconsuming edibles results to users becoming violent and unaware of their actions. The users exhibit self-harming behaviors or hurt others in this state. 

·         A major danger is that the edibles often resemble common cookies, sweets, and other baked goods which pose a great risk to children and pets. This leads to accidental ingestion. 

·         There are health consequences related with consuming edibles. Some of the side effects include: 

                                                         i.            Drowsiness 

                                                       ii.            Anxiety 

                                                     iii.            Panic attacks 

                                                     iv.            Hallucinations 

                                                       v.            Vomiting 

                                                     vi.            Agitation 

                                                    vii.            Respiratory depression 

THC edibles can be addictive. If you consume them despite psychological effects, you should take a close look on how the use fits in your life. If you use edibles to alleviate boredom, stress, or cope with problems in life, then counselling is beneficial.  

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