Smoking vs. Eating THC, Which is better?

Smoking is the practice of burning substances and inhaling fumes as well as exhaling plants substances. THC is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. This article provides helpful information about the harm brought about by smoking this THC.

The Harm Brought About by Smoking vs. Eating THC

There are many side effects of smoking and eating THC, and the difference is how long the effects take on a user’s body and the time the effect lasts. Smoking can be a very effective route of administrating, but eating or smoking, THC will always make its way to the brain by using the bloodstream.

Breathing problems

This substance irritates the lungs, those who smoke frequently have common breathing problems. These problems are lung illness, daily cough, high risk of getting lung infections, and phlegm. This can lead to death if the person can’t stop using this substance which brings more harm to the body.

Hinders child’s development during pregnant

when this substance is introduced to a fetus by the mother when pregnant may lead to loss of memory and may also affect the behavior of the child, they also have attention problems, problem-solving, and memory which is different from the baby who was not introduced to such kind of substance. This is why smoking vs. eating THC substances is not recommended at all.

Increased vomiting and nausea

It leads to dehydration due to too much vomiting and nausea which may require medical attention, and this leads to wastage of money because the hospital where the medical attention is required also requires a huge amount of money. This THC contains marijuana and its long-term use of it leads to Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome development.

Rapid heart rate

With the rapid way of movement of THC to the bloodstream, lungs, and the body within a few minutes the heartbeat rate increases by twenty to fifty beats per minute. It leads to the demand for extra oxygen to the heart; in case the user has heat disease he/she may be at risk. This is why smoking vs. eating THC is not good for one’s health and it can cause death.

Impaired judgment 

It changes the way you perceive information and is also responsible for memory and this leads to difficulty in remembering or forming new memories. It may also alter the balance, reflex response, and coordination, which makes it unsafe for the user to drive.


This is the ability for one to see, hear and also feel things that are not there. When this THC is taken in a large amount whether by smoking or eaten can cause delusion or hallucination. When one comes down, he/she may feel depressed and tired. It is good now you know that smoking vs. eating THC can cause hallucination which is not good for one’s health. 

The harmfulness of smoking and eating THC is seen in the above article, and before you think of using this substance, it is recommended to go through the above effects, and who knows, it might save you from destroying your life. Though it has a lot of side effects the above are the common ones and perhaps the long-term side effects.

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