Synthetic Marijuana and real marijuana.

Meta description:- Marijuana is a kind of taken to stimulate the body. It is also know as kaja or pot. This is the highly commonly abused drug in Kenya and outside the Kenya. The user of this kind of drug do get affected with it in highly speed. Marijuana it’s a plant grow in shamba as a plant.

They is a cute different between a synthetic Marijuana and real Marijuana. The synthetic Marijuana is the product of  real Marijuana. This synthetic has been processed more than for Easily used.  But compared to real Marijuana, it’s a kind of plants being at shamba. 5hese has not Effect unless being mis used in improper way.  The synthetic Marijuana is an illegal drug that is prohibited in our country. These is due to it’s miss used.

The real Marijuana is also prohibited in our country no one is supposed to grow or plant it. It has even no permit of. Marijuana is grown like any others crop in the land. But because it’s illegal, people do grow it while hiding it in different places. However. For you being caught with these kind of stimulant plant, you can be jailed.

Comparing of real and Synthetic Marijuana, synthetic Marijuana is processed and ready to be use as drug. The synthetic Marijuana comes from real Marijuana. After it is planned, it is being carried care like other cash or food crop. But after it’s maturity, real pot is havested and taken in processing for manufactured. You can buy natural marijuana from dispensaries like . After being manufactured and added other projects to make it highly stimulant.

For or the type of Marijuana, non of them is recommended to use. The main reason why the government is fighting with these types of drug is that, Marijuana is a highly addictive drug, after you start using it, it great an addition in your body which stopping is a problem. However, it also damage the brain of user. These drug take a lot of time to be out of users body. It’s also bring hallucination to user. Hallucination is a type of Sense one do get which its not real.

By these situation, it’s signify that now one is totally mad.  Marijuana has got both health and social problem. These means that you can’t able even to stay with your family and your community. These is a point that even you can’t  recognize yourself and you can even know what is happening. Bhang do damage totally brain to make the user useless. And disabled.

Another different of real and synthetic drug is that, for the real Marijuana you can’t use it while being a plant. But synthetic is ready for use. In addition of these, synthetic is added some chemicals which are do affect the body in high rate. These kind of drug is not advisable to use.

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