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CBD Edibles Side Effects

Legal use of both THC and CBD is growing much and also consumers are becoming anxious on the both cannabis and hemp products. For Legal hemp it should contain 0.3 percent THC or less. CBD is sold as gummies, gels, oils, extracts, supplements, just to mention a few forms. Hemp and cannabis come from the Cannabis sativa plant.

The main compound which is psychoactive in cannabis is THC it produces the high sensationand is consumed through smoking  cannabis and is available in edibles, capsules, oils, and more.

Types of Cannabis edibles 

  1. CBD edibles, which are CBD dominant and contain little to no THC.
  2. Balanced THC/CBD edibles, which contain equal amounts of THC and CBD.
  3. THC edibles, which are THC dominant and contain little to no CBD. They also produce a strong mental high.

CBD Edibles Side Effects

CBD side effects are not so many; the side effects are dry mouth, dizziness, and sleepiness. If you are on medication for example, for organ transplants, don’t take CBD without your doctor consultation. Cannabis cause organ rejection since it reduces the effect of medication.

Many people do not build a tolerance to CBD edibles, and there is no cases of fatal CBD overdoses have ever been reported so far. CBD are not proven to addictive side effect. They may actually help end addiction of nicotine, THC and opiates. 

THC Edibles Side Effects

THC edibles are options smoke. The effects of THC edibles aren’t felt until about an hour or two after consuming it. As it is for alcohol when you have a stomach full that is you have taken food before you will not get too intense.

Too much of  THC edibles can trigger  undesirable side effects  which you will want to avoid, such as dry mouth, hangover, vomiting,  and nausea just to mention a few.

THC edibles can show up in drugs test and in most cases when one is tested positive for THC can frustrate transplantation. It is always good to discuss with your doctor if one is on the situation.

THC vs. CBD Edible Effects is there but also they have medical use.


More research is needed and sensitization on the THC vs. CBD Edible Effects as young people tends to misuse THC and CBD so much without prior knowledge of the associated risks to the body’s functioning and even to the society in general.


 THC and CBD are both considered safe since the two have medical benefits, but also they have side effects especially when they interact with other drugs so it is always good to talk with your doctor first before using, by doing so one will reduce the side effect in his or her body.