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Human beings have consumed hallucinogenic substances for decades. Magic mushrooms were widely used in traditional societies for healing rituals, initiation ceremonies, and supposedly making contact with gods and the dead. They are still in use in the modern world, though with a different name, “psychedelic,” and purpose. In this article, I’ll dig deep into the side effects of supposedly taking magic mushrooms safely.

Why are you taking magic mushrooms?

            Using any hallucinogen is risky, and this is because these drugs are illegal in most countries and can lead to imprisonment if you’re found possessing one. If, by any chance, you’re planning to use them to avoid or cope with tough times, then I suggest you should reconsider your fantasies. There are high chances your relationships will be on the rocks since they affect the mind.

Know your dealer

        If it’s for medicinal purposes, then the only way to guarantee that you’re taking magic mushrooms safely is to choose a trusted dealer who knows the mushroom he’s selling and its repercussions. This can assure your safety to some extent as you can go for advice should anything go south.

Buy Blue Meanies

Blue Meanie mushroom are considered as some of the world’s most potent Shrooms. They contain double to triple the normal amount of Psilocybin compared to other Shroom strains. The most distinguished characteristic of the Blue Meanies is the blue colouring along the stem.

Think twice before taking magic mushrooms.

         Taking magic mushrooms poses the risk of triggering both mental and emotional problems and even accidents. It is reported that most teenagers use magic mushrooms in combination with alcohol, weed or any other drug; this increases their psychological and physical risks. Since the amount of psilocybin in each magic mushroom is still a mystery, it is hard to tell the type of “trip” one will have. Taking magic mushrooms safely, therefore, is not a thing. The following factors should be considered before using the magic mushrooms, also known as Amani or philosopher’s stone:

Family history is advisable to avoid hallucinogens at all costs when there’s a family history of mental health problems because the symptoms can be easily triggered when hallucinating.

Living with a heart condition is obvious that hallucination affects blood pressure and heart rate, so magic mushrooms should be avoided.

Using hallucinogens too often~taking these mushrooms is never a good idea for handling anxiety, depression, boredom etc., and it is not a wise way of having fun.

Physical effects of magic mushrooms.


 Lack of coordination


 Muscle weakness

 Dilated pupils



Mental effects of magic mushrooms





  Panic attack

  Having introspective experience


  Distorted sense of time, place, and reality.


       Like any other drug, the only sure way to stay off the addiction charts is by avoiding it entirely unless otherwise. There is still no guarantee of taking magic mushrooms safely.