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What are the health benefits of weed and how it is delivered?

Weed is commonly known as marijuana or cannabinoids in the medical field. In this article I will discuss the health benefits of this plant, as well as, a guide for delivery services specifically in Canada. I will start by explaining a few benefits down below. 

1. Lowers blood pressure. 

Hypertension has been a health concern for about 90% of the population worldwide. It is a genetically triggered condition and it is now a big concern in the medical field.  Studies have been done that prove that weed lowers blood pressure both at rest and when indulging in activities. The participants in the studies also reported to have relaxed both physically and mentally. 

2. Reducing inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s first response to injury.  The body tries to repair itself.  That process causes a lot of pain as there is increase in blood flow to the area and high temperatures. Anyone who has experienced this will testify to how much they needed fast relief to that pain. Weed is the answer to such moments and that’s why there is weed service delivery in Canada.

Canadians know just how calm they get just by using marijuana to reduce inflammation even in the hospital facilities; especially chronic inflammation. 

3.Treating anxiety disorders.

The weed service delivery in Canada is aimed also at reducing reported incidents of people taking their own lives due to depression and post-traumatic stress. 

4. Treating gastrointestinal disorders. 

Disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome,  crohn’s, ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease are all managed perfectly  by weed. Marijuana can be used in two ways, either to prevent or to reduce symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders.

Let me now discuss on how to deliver weed in Canada. Delivery has become the easiest way to supply products especially after the breakout of corona virus. Most businesses have created their applications where orders can be made and products delivered at their door step.  Weed service delivery in Canada was not left behind by the fast moving technology. 

This is not only advantageous to the business owners but it creates job opportunities for drivers. There are several delivery services known in  Canada that one can decide to join.  I will mention the main ones and their uniqueness.  

Canada post. 

This is the oldest weed delivery service there is in Canada. It serves all people in most areas of the country. It supplies billions of parcels yearly. It would be fun to join such a well-founded organization like this that has union, mentors and pension. You can get extra training and also career improvement which is not biased but available to all employees. 


This is also a big courier service for Canadians. It has been present for quite sometime.  It is known for motivating its employees to aim higher and improve on their existing processes. It is focused on the success of all its employees. Who would not want to work in such a warm and motivating space? 

There are many more delivery services in Canada.  Now you know what weed is and how to get access to it within Canada. 

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Is it True that CBD Uses Help to Relieve Anxiety

CBD is a short form for Cannabidiol which is one of the several cannabinoids found in cannabis Sativa plants. Since it is a non-psychoactive compound, it can assist in treating anxiety and several other health conditions. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is another known cannabinoid and is responsible for “high” associated with marijuana These cannabinoids, THC and CBD attach to particular receptors in the brain.

So, can I get relieved from anxiety if I use CBD

At the moment it is not obvious how CBD Uses Help to Relieve Anxiety and certain research indicates that it might work by influencing serotonin levels in the brain. Increasing levels of serotonin help so much in treating anxiety; therefore, we can say that CBD can relieve anxiety.

Is CBD legal?

The legal status of the CBD is still developing. However, on the federal level, CBD extracted from hemp plants with not more than 0.3% is considered to be legal and beyond that, it is illegal.

Does research agree with CBD Relieving anxiety?

A number of research has been carried out on CBD and anxiety but still, they don’t agree 100% that CBD Uses Help to Relieve Anxiety. A 2011 study disclosed that CBD decreased anxiety and distress during community speaking in individuals with social anxiety ailment.

A 2019 study found that out of 11 victims having PTSD, 91% encountered reduced signs after taking CBD.

A 2017 study didn’t find any proof that CBD improved anxiety but instead increased anxiety.

These studies are mostly positive but a few things should be noted. Firstly, these samples are done on a small scale and not the general population. Secondly, the studies don’t give a long term picture. So, we remain unsure of taking the drugs consistently as we may lose feelings of anxiety.

What is the dosage of CBD taken for anxiety?

Though studies have found that doses between 300mg and 600mg reduce anxiety in individuals, still the rightful CBD dose is unknown and more research is needed to find out.

CBD side effects.

Though CBD Uses Help to Relieve Anxiety, it has got some consequences like decreased appetite, fatigue, drowsiness, etc. These arise from epidiolex, which is almost 100% CBD.


With the different research results that have so far come out regarding CBD’s relieving potential, it is true CBD relieves anxiety though there is a need for more research to find out the exact dose and long term effect of the drug. 

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Advantages of taking How to take cannabis edibles safely

There are many forms of Cannabis Edibles which include baked goods, beverages and candies. Many people usually use them for either pleasure or other reasons like treating health related issues. They contain compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is responsible for their psychoactive effect and cannabidiol (CBD) which has anti-anxiety effects. Cannabis edibles can be consumed in various ways which include transdermal patches, vaping, tinctures, cannabis topicals, powder as well as taking them like capsules, pills or tablets.

Advantages of taking How to take cannabis edibles safely

Taking Cannabis Edibles safely have various advantages to the consumers. They include the following:

  1. They treat appetite and weight loss. This is because they lead to increased protein consumption as well as improved sense of taste
  2. Cannabis Edibles are great for relieving pain whereby they treat neuropathic pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia. They also treat metal spasms
  3. Cannabis Edibles help reduce nausea
  4. Cannabis Edibles contain many antioxidants like cannabidiol which protect against anxiety as well as severe illnesses such as cancer
  5. Cannabis Edibles are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber which are useful in body development. The vitamins aid in blood clotting while minerals aid in blood oxygenation as well as bone development
  6. They are good alternatives to smoking since no harmful carcinogens are introduced to the body which is a different case from smoking

Disadvantages of consuming Cannabis Edibles

Despite the benefits associated with consuming them they have some disadvantageous effects to the consumer. Taking cannabis edibles may cause the following:

  1. Drowsiness
  2. Dry mouth
  3. Altered visual perception
  4. Increased risk of schizophrenia after long term use 
  5. It affects learning and memory of the consumers

How to take Cannabis Edibles safely without overconsumption 

Overconsumption of Cannabis edibles may lead to adverse effects to the body of the consumer. Therefore, people are advised to consider safety measures while using these edibles to prevent the resultant effects. They include the following:

  1. Taking the right dosage. This is however influenced by factors such as age, weight, mood, existing mental conditions and sex. Consumers should therefore consider those factors before taking these edibles
  2. Setting the right conditions before consuming the Cannabis Edibles. These conditions go in hand with variables such as physical state as well as the emotional state of the consumer. Thus, the consumer should be aware on how these may change their experience after use
  3. Consumers should take note of the ingredients used to make the Cannabis Edibles as well as their types. This is because different ingredients have different effects to the consumers. On the other hand, different forms of cannabis edibles have different experiences for the consumers
  4. Consumers should not trust strains to predict their experience. Declarative statements about the consumers experience after taking Cannabis Edibles should not be based on the existing assumptions but on facts


As we have seen Cannabis Edibles are used by many people for various reasons. However, people should be cautious when using them to avoid the risks associated with using them. It is however necessary to seek advise where one may feel confused on which edible to use.

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Buying weed edibles from a licensed, reputable source

Weeds edibles are used by a large number of people. They are used as a way of having fun, easing stress, and aid relaxation, but also help to manage some conditions of health like sleeping issues, chronic pain, anxiety, inflammatory bowel disorder, terminal illness, multiple sclerosis, and others. Below are the different ways you can use in taking weed edibles safely.

Buying weed edibles from a licensed, reputable source

Taking weed edibles safely Is an important thing for everyone wishing to take weeds either for their medical conditions or for their recreational reasons. Licensed, reputable sources like trusted dispensaries tested products that are safe for sale approvals. 

Taking weed cannabis from illegal sources or dispensaries that trade untested products can be risky and might result in negative side effects after use. This is because the products might be contaminated with Formaldehyde, Bacteria, heavy metals, Pesticides, Fungi, mold, and other substances that can result in serious health issues.

Sticking to the recommended usage and prescribed damage

After you purchase your weeds from a licensed dispensary, sticking to the recommended usage and dosage prescribed by your physician is very important in taking weed edibles safely. Following your physician’s prescriptions help reduce potential risks of negative side effects that might also be evident in overdosing.

Starting slow and going slow.

If you are a beginner who wishes to take weed edibles, you are ad iced to start at a lower dosage of 2.5 – 5mg going slowly as you increase your dosage. You should be patient enough to allow the ingestion to take place and feel the impact. You can wait for about 2 – 3 hours before ingesting more cannabis or weight until the next day to introduce yourself to a slightly higher dose slowly by slowly till you find your desired level of effect.

Understand how to weed edibles work in your body

Smoking and eating weeds are almost similar. Your body determines how the plant ingest will be processed. Smoking or vaping, your lungs directly all the THC, the cannabis compound, and other cannabinoids making you feel high in 5 – 10 minutes after use. This can result in lungs disorder. 

On the other hand, eating cannabis the body first digests the drink or food through the stomach down to the intestines and to the liver where the THC is broken down. It is then allowed to get to the bloodstream. This process takes about 30 minutes to about 2hours for you to feel the impact. Taking weed edibles safely, eating of the weeds instead of smoking is much better.

Although weed edibles may have various advantages like reducing anxiety and chronic illness symptoms, they may cause side effects, take time to kick–in, and common medication reactions. It is therefore important to purchase weed edibles products from known sources that sell tested products for potency and purity and, use them in a decent dosage to avoid undesirable side effects.

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The facts around CBD products for pets

You have heard about CBD products and oils having positive effects on the wellness and health of both humans and pets like cats and dogs. But the main question is; are CBD products working and safe on pets? 

It is, however, not easy to sort through every promotion speak and find out the facts around CBD products for pets. This article will help you understand the meaning of CBD, potential CBD benefits for pets, and also know if CBD products are safe for cats and dogs weedsmart

The meaning of CBD 

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in either marijuana or hemp plant. 

CBD affects the endocannabidiol systems (ECS) of pets such as cats and dogs. ECS is the brain and body’s communication system that impacts various functions like pet movements, feelings, and reactions. 

If CBD is extracted and applied in chews, oils, and different products, it can potentially help with various conditions. CBD helps with relaxation, calming, and possibly as a pain reliever for osteoarthritis in pets. 

Being a non-intoxicating compound of both marijuana and hemp plants, CBD does not act like THC. Therefore, if appropriately dosed, CBD cannot make humans and pets high. 

However, cannabidiol can affect brain functioning, leading to various possible CBD for dogs benefits for pets like anxiety and stress reduction for cats and dogs. 

Safety of CBD on pets 

Various researches have proved that products made with CBD have a wide safety margin in both cats and dogs. Several published veterinary studies have pointed out that even if pets consume high levels of CBD, they experience minor effects. 

CBD has no intoxicating features and will never make your pet high. 

Possible Benefits of CBD for Pets 

CBD products derived from Hemp work together with the natural endocannabidiol system of the pet, helping to control various body functions in cats and dogs. 

Based on both veterinary and human literature, CBD made products provide the following benefits to our pets: 

  • Effective pain reliever: pets may experience pains due to various factors like fractures, age, and surgery. If properly dosed, CBD oil can help to reduce pain. 
  • Anti-inflammatory: CBD has anti-inflammatory medical properties that can improve the response of your pet’s immune system to various physiological issues. 
  • Reduces Anxiety: pets also experience anxiety just like humans. Separation, car, or thunderstorm anxiety can seriously affect their health. In some cases, pets may jump out through the window. You can use oral CBD products to make them relax as prescribed by your veterinarian.  
  • CBD oil can also improve the health of the skin and the texture of your pet’s fur. 
  • Improve joint and bone health. CBD oil can treat old-age pets suffering from arthritis. 

Bottom line 

When your dog or cat is suffering from arthritis, anxiety, or any medical condition, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian to deliberate on better options that are sensible for your pet’s specific lifestyle. 

However, remember that studies about CBD benefits for pets and CBD-made products are still in progress, and not all veterinarians are legally allowed to dispense, discuss or recommend CBD products. 


The demand of pet products CBD has been on the rise in the recent past according to research. More people are keeping pets and taking good care of them. Some years back this was not the scenario. Dogs mostly were left to roam around and search for its own food. In the rural areas especially no one really cared. Infact if people saw you care about the animals it would get you into a lot of mockery. It was considered a rich people affair. But not anymore. This explains why the demand has gone high. 

CBD compound is extracted from cannabis sativa plant and it has three categories 

  1. Isolate formulas which is composed of plain CBD 
  1. Full spectrum products containing both CBD and THC 
  1. Terpenes which contains anti inflammatory effects 

All these compounds work better and give desired outcome if they are taken together.  Pets function more like humans , they are composed of cells and network of receptors to different parts of their bodies.  There are several positives derived from the pet products CBD 

1 Reduces pain scores in pets making it comfortable 

2 Relieves anxiety helping it to remain calm 

3 Reduces seizure frequency in pets with epilepsy 

  1. Improving cardiac functioning of the pet 

Research has shown that CBD products have an effect on how the liver metabolizes other drugs. This is extremely harmful if the pet is taking anti seizure drugs and pain medications. The product increase liver enzyme levels in animals . Incase a pet has liver failure this product should be avoided as it could lead to death. It is recommended that you start by giving a low dose to the pet. This is to establish what works best for the animals before slowly increasing the dosage. In these products caution is important and necessary. 


It is clear that pets need and ought to be taken care of in any possible way. It is selfish of us humans to take care of ourselves and forget the pets. Careful consideration has to be taken before administering any kind of medication to the pets to avoid more damage. Gastrointestinal upset is one of the side effect that has been observed in the use of this products. We can all agree that things are changing fast and technology has brought a lot of good. Many years ago things were different from what it is now. Though there is no scientific data CBD products are used mostly because it their cardiac benefits, anti- nausea effects, anti-inflammatory properties and anti cancer effect greenace cannabis dispensary

Ways of Using Marijuana as a Painkiller

Medical marijuana is the use of marijuana plant, its parts or extracts for disease treatment or management of certain medical conditions. The main medical purpose involves using marijuana as a painkiller. Marijuana has been accepted for use in the treatment of chronic ailments like cancer pain. It should be noted that marijuana is commonly known and is used for recreational purposes, thereby making its medical benefits overlooked; because it is abused by most users. This article focuses on medical use of marijuana as a painkiller; more particularly the methods of use. 


Cannabis oil is extracted from marijuana using solvents like alcohol. Such type of marijuana should only be used in small quantities for pain relief. The oil can be vaporized and inhaled. It is very effective painkiller for people who have chronic pains. Such cases are cancer pain, fibromyalgia, and neuropathic pain 

Topical application 

Topical treatments involve use of balms, lotions, and salves. They are applied to the skin for pain relief, and also inflammation. In addition, transdermal patches which contain cannabinoids are also used for topical treatments.  


This is the easiest and most common way of using marijuana. Edible painkillers are ingested or chewed, swallowed and absorbed via the digestive tract. It can be in the form of tablets or infused in food and drinks. It can be added to cakes, beverages, and other foods. When marijuana is taken as edibles, its effect is delayed because cannabinoids are absorbed at a slower rate. However, effect usually lasts longer. It provides the best option for pain relief for extended periods of time. 

Sublingual use of cannabis 

Marijuana infused tablet is placed under the tongue or cheeks where they dissolve. The difference between sublingual application and edibles is that marijuana is absorbed under the tongue and not digestive system. Absorption is through mucosal membranes, where they are delivered directly into the bloodstream. 

Most patients prefer using this method because it limits the first-pass metabolism by the liver. The drug starts working after about 15 minutes.  

Some types of sublingual marijuana products are tinctures, tablets, sprays, and strips. Below are steps used when using marijuana by sublingual application. 

  • Saliva should be swallowed to ensure that very little is left in the mouth 
  • The product is placed under the tongue 
  • The tongue can be used to move the dissolved substance around the mouth to other parts like cheeks and gums 
  • Eating should be avoided for at least 10 minutes 

To wrap up 

Marijuana use is prohibited in some regions, while use of its products for medicinal use requires a prescription from a doctor. Patients should be aware of which products are allowed for use in the place of residence. Medical marijuana for pain relief is available as pills, topical applications, oils, dry leaves, and oral solutions. The choice of method depends on personal preference and doctor’s advice all subject to legal provisions enforced. Marijuana provides faster relief when inhaled or smoked as compared to when ingested. The mode of application depends on personal symptoms and the type of product available.  

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